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I keep dancing on my own

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Because my GIRLS obsession has taken on a whole new level.

Mar 19th at 4AM / 4 notes

Typical TV show fans: omg my ship is sinking, all my feels, i just, i cant even

Girls HBO show fans: hmm i didnt get that episode, there must be some deeper meaning into it, errr lemme just wait for lena’s explanation on the hbo youtube channel

Mar 19th at 1AM / 39 notes

"You’re a fool to cry and it makes me wonder why."

Mar 18th at 11PM / 454 notes

Mar 18th at 4PM / 0 notes

Your blog is AMAZING!! Just a friendly reminder :)

Thank you. I try my best :)

Mar 18th at 3AM / 112 notes

"You’re here."
“I was always here.”

Mar 18th at 3AM / 10 notes